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Los­ing weight is chal­leng­ing, and keep­ing it off is even harder. But a new study sheds light on a path to suc­cess. Re­searchers at the Har­vard- af­fil­i­ated Bos­ton Chil­dren’s Hospi­tal tested three dif­fer­ent di­ets for main­tain­ing weight loss and found that re­strict­ing carbs works best be­cause it in­creases nat­u­ral calo­rie burn­ing and helps to con­trol hunger.

The study en­rolled 164 peo­ple, ages 18 to 65, who had re­cently lost 10 per­cent of their body weight. For the next 20 weeks, re­searchers put them on one of three di­ets: a high ( 60 per­cent), mod­er­ate ( 40 per­cent), or low ( 20 per­cent) car­bo­hy­drate diet. All di­ets con­tained the same num­ber of calo­ries.

Peo­ple on the low- carb diet burned 209– 278 more calo­ries per day than those on the high- carb diet. The dif­fer­ence was even greater among those with the high­est in­sulin lev­els at the start of the study: up to 478 more calo­ries per day. Hor­mone tests showed that the low- carb diet also low­ered lev­els of hunger hor­mones.

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