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Heart Health

The lat­est ev­i­dence on diet, ex­er­cise, and nu­tri­ents may sur­prise you. Plus: How to use sup­ple­ments if you take pre­scrip­tion drugs.

Body & Spirit Trans­for­ma­tion

The in­spir­ing story of a singer who re­versed breath­ing and swal­low­ing is­sues, con­stant food crav­ings, and other health prob­lems by switch­ing to a keto- style diet.

Po­ta­toes in Peril

Did you know? Many po­ta­toes con­tain GMOs. Learn how to en­joy them safely.

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Len­til & Mush­room Elixir Soup For­tify your body with this com­fort­ing and restora­tive win­ter soup.

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