The 11 nu­tri­ents iden­ti­fied by Ames as cru­cial for a long, healthy life, plus where to find them.

Better Nutrition - - EDITOR’S NOTE -

PYRROLOQUINOLINE QUINONE ( PQQ): Avail­able in en­ergy and brain for­mu­las and in stand­alone sup­ple­ments, but not in mul­tivi­ta­mins. TAURINE: In some pro­tein pow­ders and stand­alone sup­ple­ments. LUTEIN AND ZEAXANTHIN: In eye- health for­mu­las and stand­alone sup­ple­ments. LYCOPENE AND ASTAXANTHIN: In stand­alone sup­ple­ments and carotenoid for­mu­las. AL­PHA- CAROTENE, BETA- CAROTENE, AND BETA- CRYPTOXANTHIN: In carotenoid for­mu­las. ERGOTHIONEINE: Not avail­able in sup­ple­ments, this an­tiox­i­dant is found chiefly in mush­rooms. QUEUINE: Found in many plant foods, as well as in milk. Queuine is also made by gut bac­te­ria, but is not avail­able in sup­ple­ments.

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