How has be­ing mar­ried to a heart sur­geon brought bal­ance to your diet?

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Brad opened up a whole new world in diet, be­cause as fit and phys­i­cal as he is— he’s in ex­cel­lent shape— he has high choles­terol. And it ran in his fam­i­lies. So he was ba­si­cally on a Mediter­ranean, low- fat diet. But he’s a be­liever in the fast CT scan to see any buildup in the heart, which I do. We’re very proac­tive with health. So we eat lots of fruits and veg­eta­bles. We do eat meat and chicken and fish, but in a bal­anced way. I’m not gonna give up ham­burg­ers or pizza. I love them. I’m a Texas girl. Ev­ery now and then you have to splurge or you go cuckoo. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve never touched a drug. And we do eat pretty healthy. I don’t want hor­mones. I don’t want an­tibi­otics in the meat or chicken. I have a lot of berries in the morn­ing. We might eat oat­meal or ce­real with three dif­fer­ent berries. He has egg whites, but I have to have a reg­u­lar egg if I do it. I do a green juice at lunch some­times. I’m pretty aware of what goes into my body. I’m not a big cof­fee drinker

ex­cept in the morn­ing. I don’t do any diet drinks any­more. I don’t want as­par­tame.

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