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Wintertime Essentials

Stave off colds and fl u, combat dark circles, quell infl ammation, and more


Natural products we’re excited about this month.

The Creamer of Your Coffee Dreams

Step aside, coconut creamer. There’s a new kid in town. Elmhurst Hemp Creamers, the first hemp creamer on the domestic market, are made from real hemp cream and have 350 mg of plant omega- 3s per serving. They’re crafted through a HydroRelea­se method that uses just water to separate the components, which are then reassemble­d. The result is a rich emulsion that pairs well with iced and hot coffee or tea. With six or fewer ingredient­s, the creamers have zero added gums, oils, or emulsifier­s. Choose from Original ( unsweetene­d), French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Golden- Milk.

Freedom From Inflammati­on

Inflammati­on is thought to be at the root of most health problems, including joint and muscle pain. To help tame it, we like Health Thru Nutrition Freedom Softgels. This formula boasts a proprietar­y blend of eight ingredient­s clinically substantia­ted to combat inflammati­on: curcumin, fish oil, gamma linolenic acid ( an anti- inflammato­ry omega- 6 fat), vitamins D and E, hydroxytyr­osol

( the main phenolic component of olive oil), astaxanthi­n ( a powerful antioxidan­t and anti- inflammato­ry), and organic hemp seed oil.

You’ll Believe It When You “C” It

Be on the lookout for two great new products from Derma E: Vitamin C No Dark Circles Perfecting Eye Cream and Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste. Ever- so- slightly tinted, the eye cream helps color correct dark circles and laugh lines. Vitamin C helps tone skin, while turmeric and mica visibly brighten the eye area. Caffeine helps depuff for a well- rested look. The cleansing paste gently exfoliates for softer, clearer skin, thanks to a trio of active ingredient­s: vitamin C, golden turmeric, and non- abrasive ancient rice.

Sweet on Elderberry

A natural antiviral remedy, elderberry is one of the best herbs to have on hand during the cold and flu season. Pukka Herbs Organic Elderberry Syrup is a delicious organic blend that includes immune- bolstering ginger, Manuka honey, and thyme. The wild elderberri­es come from southern Hungary, where there is a thriving industry of wild herb collection. There are no added sugars, dairy, gluten, or soy.

Energize With Charcoal

If you’ve been feeling exhausted from the moment you wake up, you may have a toxin build- up dragging you down. Yerba Prima Activated Coconut Charcoal helps cleanse your body of unwanted substances. In addition to its detoxifyin­g benefits, this formula is designed to help alleviate hangovers and gas and bloating. It may also help rid the body of mold and lower high cholestero­l. There are no fillers or additives— just 100 percent coconut shells.

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