Better Nutrition

Ways to Flourish in the Winter

Here’s a complete guide to supercharg­ing immunity, easing digestion, balancing stress, and keeping energy levels strong during the coldest months of the year.


Stress, colds and flu, indigestio­n— the holiday season is full of unique health challenges. Here’s how to harness the healing power of nature to stave off winter woes.

Wintertime is the coziest time of year— especially when we think of snuggling up next to a fi replace, peering out at the picturesqu­e snow- covered backdrop, and sipping a warm cup of tea. But as the temperatur­es drop and the weather gets gloomy, the winter blahs can sneak in, and it can become diffi cult to leave the comfort of home. Our prescripti­on: harnessing the healing power of nature to help you fl ourish all winter long. Here’s how:

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