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A comprehens­ive B- vitamin complex should be in everyone’s winter arsenal to combat stress and promote a healthy mood. B- complex vitamins refer to the eight water- soluble Bs that play an active role in a number of our bodily functions, including building neurotrans­mitters and helping enzymes to support energy production. Research has shown that B- complex vitamins can help promote a healthy mood, while also working to decrease perception­s of stress. In fact, a double- blind randomized, placebo- controlled study published in the Journal of Human

Psychophar­macology found that the participan­ts who supplement­ed with B- complex reported decreased anxiety and workplace stress, as well as improved mood after 90 days of use. Another study out of the University of Miami evaluated the eff ects of B- complex and found that adults who have been diagnosed with depression experience­d signifi cant improvemen­t in their mental health with B vitamin supplement­s. In addition to supplement­s, a number of foods are rich in vitamin B, including salmon, leafy greens, eggs, beef, oysters, clams, legumes, chicken, turkey, yogurt,

and nutritiona­l and brewer’s yeast.

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