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Manuka honey is not only a sweet treat, but a powerful functional food derived from the nectar of manuka ( Leptosperm­um scoparium) trees. It has been studied extensivel­y for its wound healing and antimicrob­ial properties, as well as its eff ectiveness against bacteria that can be resistant to antibiotic­s. In fact, a recent review study published in the AIMS Microbiolo­gy Journal concluded that Manuka honey has the potential to be a natural antibiotic alternativ­e due to its unique phenolic and methylglyo­xal content. Add it to a cup of tea, mix it into your morning smoothie, infuse it into your salad dressing, or simply enjoy it raw.

 ??  ?? Product Pick: Flora Manuka Honey 15+ UMF
Product Pick: Flora Manuka Honey 15+ UMF

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