Better Nutrition



Important: These are intended only as health- supportive supplement­s, not as “cancer- fighting” or prevention supplement­s; please consult your physician before taking supplement­s if you are being treated for cancer or any other disease.

* Vitamin D: to optimize immunity.

* Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics: to help with fungus and Candida overgrowth with the extra power of “post- biotics.”

* DIM- plus by Nature’s Way: to support hormonal balance by helping reduce harmful estrogens.

* Selenium: well- known for its immune- supportive effects.

* Formula 109 by Kyolic: anti- inflammato­ry, blood pressure, and relaxation support. * Reg’Activ Detox & Liver Health by Essential Formulas: increases the master antioxidan­t glutathion­e, which helps detoxify pesticides and other harmful toxins.

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