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Like fish, walnuts are a brain food, largely because they contain more omega- 3 fats than any other nut. It’s not the same type of omega- 3 found in fish, but like its fish- based relatives, it’s anti- inflammato­ry, making it good for both brain and heart. Walnuts contain about 2.5 grams of omega- 3 per 1 oz. serving, which isn’t bad. They also contain a similar amount ( about 2.5 grams per serving) of monounsatu­rated fat, which is the same fat found in olive oil.

Please note that all walnuts are not the same. The two most common varieties you’re likely to run into are English walnuts and black walnuts. Black walnuts contain much more monounsatu­rated fat than their English cousins, but fewer omega- 3s. On the other hand, black dried walnuts have a little more protein ( 6.7 grams) per 1- oz. serving than the English variety ( 4.3 grams). Both types of walnuts have a nice amount of

fiber— just under 2 grams per serving— and roughly the same number of calories.

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