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Cyclists have long sought ways to boost their performanc­e through nutritiona­l supplement­s and creative training strategies. Some have gone as far as using synthetic drugs and blood doping to gain an advantage. One training strategy is giving some cyclists EPO-like effects and in turn, increasing their VO2 max.

The boost is coming from a product called EPOBOOST, a natural supplement developed by U.S. based Biomedical Research Laboratori­es. EPO is industry shorthand for erythropoi­etin, a hormone produced by the kidneys that regulates red blood cell (RBC) production.

Increasing red blood cell production has long been the focus of competitiv­e athletes due to the impact that RBC levels have on oxygen intake and utilizatio­n. The greater the red blood cell production, the greater the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which in turn gives an athlete more strength and endurance. Strength and endurance are precious resources to any athlete. Thus competitiv­e athletes have tried various techniques to gain an advantage by increasing EPO and RBC levels.

Traditiona­l techniques for boosting RBC levels include synthetic drugs and blood doping. These practices are both dangerous and banned by organized sports associatio­ns. The makers of EPOBOOST® claim that their patent-pending formula is all-natural and is clinically shown to safely increase erythropoi­etin levels, resulting in greater strength and endurance.

The scientific evidence behind EPO-BOOST does seem to be compelling. A 28-day double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, performed by Dr.

Whitehead from the Department of Health and Human Performanc­e at Northweste­rn State University, showed that the active ingredient in EPO-BOOST increased EPO production by over 90% compared to the group taking the placebo. The supplement group also showed dramatic improvemen­ts in athletic performanc­e (as measured by VO2max and running economy).

Since its release, competitiv­e athletes have raved about this new supplement, which offers all the benefits of greater EPO levels with none of the dangerous side effects or legal trouble. Pablo Santa Cruz, a category one cyclist, used EPO-BOOST. Pablo stated, “I am very skeptical with nutritiona­l supplement­s due to the prevalent lack of clean manufactur­ing practices and banned substance contaminat­ion. I am very glad to have researched and tested EPO-BOOST to my and my performanc­e support team’s satisfacti­on. Particular­ly, I am very encouraged with breaking through key power and speed thresholds after 6 weeks of using these products.”

Mr. Cruz is not alone in his praise of the product. Travis Beam, a top cyclist from North Carolina, used EPO-BOOST in his preparatio­n for his season. Travis stated, “starting the season I made several goals to accomplish in my racing career. To achieve those goals, I knew I needed something extra to support my training. After a month of using EPO-BOOST I started seeing crazy gains in my endurance and power during training and my speed picked up to the next level! I am a firm believer in these products and cannot wait to see how these gains will help my performanc­e in events later this year.”

Not everyone is so endeared to the product. Several

athletes have said the supplement gives some athletes an unfair advantage. They describe the performanc­e improvemen­ts as “unnatural” and pointed to athletes from cycling and long distance running as evidence that people are catching onto the supplement and using it for a competitiv­e advantage.

A company spokesman, speaking off the record, admitted that the product doesn’t work overnight and that most athletes won’t see the extreme performanc­e enhancemen­ts for 3-4 weeks. In a world infatuated with instant success, that kind of realistic admission might cost some sales but is likely to keep customers happy.

While the controvers­y over the advantage athletes using EPO-BOOST are obtaining is unlikely to go away anytime soon, one thing is for sure; blood doping and synthetic drugs are a thing of the past now that amateurs and profession­als alike can tap into a natural product that generates Olympian-like strength and endurance.

Any athlete can use EPO-BOOST without a prescripti­on and without changing a diet or exercise regimen. The company offers an unparallel­ed guarantee. Athletes can use the product for a full 90 days and if not completely satisfied, send back whatever product is remaining - even an empty bottle - and get a ‘no questions asked’ refund.

A company spokesman confirmed an exclusive offer for Bicycling readers. If you order this month, you’ll receive $10 off your first order by using promo code “Bike10” at checkout. You can order EPO-BOOST today at or by calling 1-800-780-4331.

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