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Highlighti­ng Howard Co. business Clearing out the weeds - Pioneer Weed Control, LLC

- By AMANDA DUFORAT Managing Editor

Howard County has experience­d more rain this year than in previous years, which is serving well for lawn growth. While many are used to seeing more brown shrubs than green, this year is experienci­ng a shift. However, while the grass is growing faster and trees are blossoming, so are the weeds. Don’t fret, there is a treatment that is provided locally and Pioneer Weed Control, LLC can direct you into the right product.

Pioneer Weed Control is owned and operated by Summer and Gary Martin and has been serving Howard County for the past three years after being presented with an opportunit­y. Once the Martins received the business proposal, they began doing their research, and decided to jump in. While the business was originally launched in 2018 with a commercial focus, it expanded quickly, and by 2019 the Martins expanded their customer base to residentia­l customers.

“We offer services for residentia­l or commercial customers in lawn fertilizat­ion, weed control, ground sterilizat­ion, and lawn pest control,” Summer Martin, co-owner of Pioneer Weed Control, said. “We are a locally owned family business.”

The Martins were born and raised in Big Spring, and feel honored to be able to serve the residents and neighbors, along with friends and family, across Howard County.

“One of our biggest opportunit­ies we have had since opening the business, and even our greatest opportunit­y, is building lasting relationsh­ips with the residents and business owners in the community,” she said.

While there are many products out there that can help treat weeds, lawn pests and help in landscapin­g needs, the products that are offered through Pioneer Weed control are selected according to each customer’s needs.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfacti­on. We only choose the best products for our customers,” she said. “Whether you are a business owner or a residentia­l owner, if you are having a weed issue or lawn pest issue, our services can meet your needs.”

Martin continued, “We can help maintain well-maintenanc­ed lawns or help get the lush yard you have dreamed about.”

As the Martins look forward to the second half of the year, they look to plans of expansion. While their customer base is standing on a sturdy foundation, they are looking forward to expanding their reach and increasing the customers they are helping.

For those looking to start their own business, in whatever venture it may be, Martin encourages you to first and foremost remember to have patience, be willing to put in long hours and have pride in what you do. She reminds of the importance of not getting discourage­d and don’t give up.

“We love our small town, and are so very thankful for the support you have shown over the past three years,” Martin said.

Pioneer Weed Control, located at 500 SE Broadway in Coahoma, is open for business Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more informatio­n, visit pioneerwee­ or follow the Facebook page. Direct questions to 432-466-6347 or 432-268-5937 or e-mail summermart­

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