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Introducin­g Lachelle Cobb, new Herald reporter!

- By LACHELLE COBB Herald Staff Reporter

My name is Lachelle Cobb, and I'm the new reporter at the Big Spring Herald.

I was born on May 11, 1985, in Fort Worth, Texas, where I lived up until I moved to Big Spring in October 2015. I graduated top 10 percent of my class of 640 students from Brewer High School in White Settlement, Texas in 2003. I have two boys ages 14 and 16 years old, if they would just stop growing, it would be awesome.

When I was younger I was the kid who was excited to go to school, everyday. Honestly I missed one full day of school from kindergart­en to my senior year. They would have to send me home sick; I refused to miss school for anything. School was really important to me. My strongest subjects were math, English, and writing. Math was my most favorite, and history was my downside. In high school and middle school I played tennis. I enjoyed tennis and the days we got to miss to go to tournament­s were super awesome. Throughout my school life I was always the quiet one, but that changed tremendous­ly... now you can't get me to stop talking.

After I graduated Brewer High School in May 2003, I went to community college at Tarrant County College for a year and a half.

Then my life was about to change forever. My oldest son was born on April 10, 2006, and my youngest son was born on February 5, 2008. These boys are like night and day, my oldest is all about school and baseball and my youngest is all about girls and cars. They both enjoy playing baseball, in which they are awesome! They amaze me on a daily basis by how

smart and hardworkin­g they both are.

My oldest earned his letterman jacket his freshman year of high school, and is now a sophomore and ranks number two in his graduating class. My

youngest son loves riding dirt bikes. He scares me, but I love to see how happy riding makes him They both put their all into everything they do and they make me proud to be their mom.

We moved to Big Spring in October 2015, with family to have a fresh start. Well, to say the least, we got that plus more.

January 20, 2016, the most devastatin­g thing happened: We had a house fire. We lost everything we had except the clothes on our back. It took four minutes for the house to be a total loss. So “fresh start” is exactly what we had. I can say the city of Big Spring and the people that reside here are amazing. We would have never been helped the way we were here if we would have been in Fort Worth. The people of Big Spring all came together for my family and me. We had everything you can think of donated. It may not have been exactly what we wanted, but at that time we appreciate­d everything that was donated to us and people were so willing to help, it was amazing.

The fire has also taught my family a lot. Most of all, don't take things for granted, because they can get taken from you just as quick. Also, appreciate what you have, because anything can happen. We thought we wouldn't be able to bounce back from our losses in the fire, but you would never be able to tell that we lost everything. We have more stuff now then we had before the fire.

The one thing that I can say is that I have a huge heart, I love to make people happy and to see them smile. If you ask any of my past coworkers they would tell you that I was always the one who made the day positive. I don't like to see people mad or upset so I do what I can to make them look at things in a different way or simply just do what I can to cheer them up. I always put my all into everything I do. I have worked in all different areas of business, including CVS, Lowe's, Vet care, Northern Tool, Denny's, La Quinta, and now Big Spring Herald. I am super-excited to be here because it's new to me, and its a change that will be challengin­g. I love a challenge. I am very excited to be here and I'm ready to see what this has in store for me.

I would like to end this with a saying that really means a lot to me and explains how I am and feel: “Every person is unique in their own way.”

God sends everyone into this world with some potential and some noble purpose to serve. Now, the question is, whether or not we are aware of this special potential that we possess.

I look forward to working with each of y'all and thank you for being you.

 ?? HERALD photos/lachelle Cobb ?? Lachelle’s sons Jayden and Trey; and boyfriend, Joey Lloyd.
HERALD photos/lachelle Cobb Lachelle’s sons Jayden and Trey; and boyfriend, Joey Lloyd.
 ?? ?? Lachelle Cobb New Herald reporter
Lachelle Cobb New Herald reporter

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