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- By Tumbleweed Smith

Curt Waldrip of Liberty grew up Bellmead near Waco where he played football and ran track in high school. He has worked as a soldier, teacher (physics and chemistry), DJ and in the nuclear field. He even jousted at a renaissanc­e festival. In 1999 he got a job with Verizon Communicat­ions. He worked in an office at night.

“Most of the time I had nothing to do,” he says. “So I’d go online and just look around. One time I just got curious and I started wondering what happened to this girl that I was dating back in 1983. I was just crazy about her and really never got her out of my system. So I posted her last name that had an unusual spelling because it’s Polish. I found three people on the Internet with the exact same name. I sent all three of them an email and said if you ever dated a guy named Curt back in Waco in 83 or 84 give me a shout. If not, sorry to bother you.

“She emailed me back the next day. She was living in Akron, Ohio working for the Goodyear Corporatio­n. We renewed our friendship, first off. And it hit me almost like a physical blow how much I had missed her. And this is seventeen years later, roughly. She told me she would be coming down to Texas in June to go to her sister’s wedding and she asked me if I would meet her there. I said absolutely. Anything to get to see her, even going to someone else’s wedding, which normally I would much rather stick a fork in my leg than do that.

“So I’m sitting there and watching her sister go down the aisle and I started staring at her. She looked back and said to me, ‘don’t you dare. She knew exactly what I was thinking. Before we had gone our separate ways we had never formally broken up. She was planning to go college in Maryland. During the wedding reception I had a lot to drink and I looked over at her mother and told her that Nancy is the only woman that I completely and utterly loved. Her mother looked horrified and I thought she was going to scream. I didn’t know exactly why at the time but maybe it was because I had the reputation of liking women just a little too much. Anyway I ended up proposing to Nancy a few days before she left. I proposed three times and she said no three times.”

Curt and Nancy spent the next 2 years going over reasons why they shouldn’t and couldn’t get married. He would be ready but she wasn’t and vice versa. When he told her he really wanted her to be his wife she said no, that she had her own world set up and was doing her own thing. But she wanted to be friends forever.

“But the way things happened we finally were both on the same page so on August 25 in 2001 we got married. We got back from our honeymoon on the 10th of September 2001. Think about that date for a moment. Our marriage started off during a world crisis, right after the attack on the twin towers. But we started our family from there and our first son was born August 26, 2004, almost three years to the date after our wedding. Our second son was born August 1, 2006. Things worked out.”

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