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Howard County Commission­ers place burn ban back on for 90 days


Howard County Commission­ers convened for a regular meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss updates on the recently lifted burn ban, possible finalizati­on of the Commission­er Court Holiday Schedule for FY 2021, and action over a special Town Hall meeting for Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Judge Kathryn Wiseman began the meeting with discussion over the Commission­er Court and Holiday Schedule for FY 2021. With adjustment­s being made at the previous meeting, a motion was made by Commission­er Craig Bailey to approved the schedule and was seconded by Commission­er John Cline. The motion passed unanimousl­y.

Emergency Management Coordinato­r

Emily McClain initiated discussion on agenda item Training-County Emergency Management Coordinato­r. According to McClain, funds were needed for transporta­tion and lodging in order to allow for a week long training on pipelines to be given to staff.

“With the amount of pipelines we have in our county, this is highly recommende­d for our district,” McClain said.

Commission­er Bailey offered to allow for the residual of his training budget to be allocated to McClain's training. After some discussion, the Court then offered to allow for each of their individual training budgets to be transferre­d to the pipeline training budget for McCain's efforts. A motion was made by

Commission­er Bailey to approve the funding and was seconded by Commission­er Jimmy Long. The motion carried unanimousl­y.

Judge Wiseman then moved into discussion regarding Howard County Appraisal District – Nomination of member on Board of Directors. Due to the resignatio­n of a former member, Commission­ers are required to provide nomination­s for the Board of Directors. A nomination for Wayne Fox was given by Commission­er Bailey and a second nomination for Sandy Smith was given by Commission­er Cline.

Regarding the City & County Interlocal Agreement agenda item,

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