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Roman Cross to help

His children find peace with God. He told His disciples He would come back one day and receive them unto Himself that where He is we will be. He is allowing His followers to escape at the Rapture the cruelties of this coming judgment called the great tribulatio­n. When the righteous perish no one will lay it to heart. When merciful men are gone, people left behind will revel in their sin with no one to restrain them.

The Christian will enter peace and rest and walk in the uprightnes­s of Heaven.

Consider this: Those left behind will face God's judgment and devastatio­n. Idol worship will be rampant and none shall make them afraid. They will find no hope, because their lives are in their own corrupt hands.

Unrestrain­ed evil will bring unrestrain­ed judgment from God.

The wind will carry them away because they trample underfoot the blood of the Son of the Most High God.

Consider the difference, and make a difference by following Jesus. God will heal us and restore us as we repent and turn back to Him. Consider this!

“Iwrite unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for His name's sake.” 1 John 2:12

Writing can be a joyful pleasure as long as you have something good to write about.

When I say good, I am talking about the truth. Listen to the following truth – your sins are forgiven for Jesus' name's sake. I love repeating what John wrote, because this is probably the most joyful writing I can partake in. Joy is the passion or emotion excited by the acquisi

Iwas introduced to the prospects of

Artificial Intelligen­ce in 1968. I was sitting in my car at a drive-in theater watching the blockbuste­r movie, 2001: A

Space Odyssey.

HAL, the on-board computer, had taken control of the spaceship Discovery and shut down life support for the crew who were in suspended animation for the voyage to Jupiter.

Dave, the lone surviving astronaut, was trapped outside, demanding re-entry. HAL's red cyclops eye stared back at Dave and said calmly and without emotion, “I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.” In 1968 Artificial Intelligen­ce was science fiction. Today Artificial Intelligen­ce (AI) is reality, and scientists appear scared. The cold calculatin­g ability of computers has been raised to the next level, and, according to experts, might have no limits. Geoffrey Hinton, 75, considered the “Godfather of AI,” recently resigned his job at Google to speak freely about artificial intelligen­ce. Speaking at a conference at MIT he said, “I think it is quite conceivabl­e that

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