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an icon that has oddly al­ways been miss­ing from the Bike logo.

And inside, you’ll find less, but more. The stal­warts, like “Buzz,” “Grimy Hand­shake” and “Butcher Pa­per” re­main, but we’ve slimmed down the num­ber of dif­fer­ent de­part­ments in or­der to fo­cus on qual­ity—pri­or­i­tiz­ing pre­sen­ta­tion and sub­stance over fit­ting in a pre­scribed num­ber of sec­tions.

The gear pages also aim to go more in-depth, dig­ging into the prod­uct devel­op­ment sto­ries that hap­pen well be­fore a shiny new bike hits the mar­ket and dis­sect­ing trends in­stead of sim­ply re­port­ing on them. For in­stance, in this is­sue, Bike’s man­ag­ing edi­tor Will Ritchie re­views the un­con­ven­tional Zerode Tani­wha (page 68), and he also delves into the tech­nol­ogy at play within the Pin­ion gear­box on which the Tani­wha op­er­ates (page 70).

Why the changes? Be­cause in this day of non­stop news, shrink­ing at­ten­tion spans and so­ci­ety’s con­stant at­tach­ment to screens and ad­dic­tion to mind­less scrolling, we hope our loyal sub­scribers and the oth­ers who choose to pick up Bike want to slow down, want to spend more time freed from the re­lent­less tug of tech­nol­ogy and want to take the time to digest an im­age or a story be­fore rush­ing to con­sume the next tid­bit of in­for­ma­tion, and strive to be the kind of peo­ple who value a con­nec­tion with trails and open spa­ces more than a con­nec­tion to the in­ter­net.

In this is­sue, you’ll find sto­ries writ­ten by such peo­ple—those who crave the un­cer­tainty of ven­tur­ing into ul­tra-re­mote places where the path is un­pre­dictable and where a phone app is of no use in nav­i­ga­tion or trail beta. Take Ben Hag­gar, who em­braced loneliness to em­bark on a solo mis­sion across the vast, empty Green­land tun­dra, armed with mea­ger ra­tions, Google Earth files and a de­sire to push be­yond his com­fort zone. Hag­gar doc­u­ments the highs and lows of his ex­pe­di­tion in “Shapeless Ful­fill­ment” (page 58).

And in “No Quar­ter,” (page 44) writer Brice Min­nigh, the for­mer edi­tor-in-chief of this mag­a­zine, re­counts his crew’s har­row­ing tra­verse of the re­mote ridge­lines that de­fine Bri­tish Columbia’s Pur­cell Moun­tains in pur­suit of first-de­scent freeride lines. In ad­di­tion to Min­nigh’s words in this is­sue, you’ll also find a dig­i­tal fea­ture and film from “No Quar­ter” on, as part of our con­tin­u­ous en­deavor to present print-qual­ity con­tent across all me­dia plat­forms.

Even as our pre­sen­ta­tion evolves, the tenets upon which Bike were founded two-and-a-half decades ago will never change: It will al­ways be about the ride, and most im­por­tantly, about the read­ers. Thank you for 25 years.


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