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FROM THE ‘IF IT AIN’T-BROKE, DON’T FIX it’ school of en­gi­neer­ing comes the Gen­uine In­no­va­tions Tackle Kit. This is a Xerox of an au­to­mo­tive tire plug af­ter hit­ting the ‘re­duce’ but­ton a few times. And its small size is one of its big­gest fea­tures. Load it with a sin­gle plug, and it’s per­fect for stub­born but small 3- to 4-mil­lime­ter holes.

This was the best-per­form­ing tool for fixing hard-to-reach punc­tures just above the tire bead like the ones you’ll get in hard pinch flats. The long, thin ap­pli­ca­tor makes it easy to get the plug plenty deep, even when the tire is so soft it de­flects be­fore you get to the busi­ness end of the plug, an is­sue I ran into with the Dy­naplug oc­ca­sion­ally. And you can con­trol the depth, which can be dif­fi­cult on the Black­burn when the plug some­times doesn’t im­me­di­ately slide out of the ap­pli­ca­tor.

Though the ap­pli­ca­tor is de­signed for a sin­gle plug, you can cer­tainly fit an­other in for slices 5 mil­lime­ters or big­ger. For slices dou­ble that size, the Tackle Kit makes it the eas­i­est to keep in­sert­ing plugs un­til the leak is fixed. But reload­ing isn’t easy. It’s like thread­ing a nee­dle if the thread were cov­ered in oily chew­ing gum. Thank­fully it doesn’t need care­ful clean­ing, and you can set out with it loaded and sealed in the case.

The tiny case comes with a sheet of five plugs, but you can eas­ily squeeze an­other sheet inside. And the bot­tom of the case has a clever in­te­grated Presta valve stem tool.

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