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The first tes­ti­mo­nial I heard from a Dy­naplug user had me both in­trigued and skep­ti­cal. I’m a PC/An­droid fan, but you can’t ar­gue with good de­sign. Ev­ery Dy­naplug prod­uct fea­tures very good de­sign, and they’re made in the U.S. to boot. Pop­u­lar in the mo­tor­cy­cle world, Dy­naplug makes the most in­tu­itive, user-friendly and clean-look­ing plug kits there will likely ever be. And there are a lot of dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions. I went for the all-in­clu­sive Me­gapill, which in­cludes five stan­dard plugs, two over­sized (Mega) plugs and a tiny blade to slice off any ex­cess plug ma­te­rial. The stan­dard plugs are the ef­fec­tive di­am­e­ter of a folded-over tra­di­tional plug and have the same plug­ging ca­pa­bil­ity: punc­tures un­der 5 mil­lime­ters. The Me­gaplug of­fered even greater plug­ging power than a dou­bled-up, folded-over tra­di­tional plug, and was much eas­ier to in­sert. It aptly han­dled 7-mil­lime­ter slices. But dou­bling up on them was tricky. The Me­gaplug it­self is much shorter than tra­di­tional plugs. Ex­clud­ing the al­loy tip, it’s half the length of a folded-over tra­di­tional plug. When push­ing two Me­gaplugs next to each other for an ex­tremely large hole, I man­aged to dis­lodge one. I found it eas­ier to start with one Me­gaplug and add stan­dard plugs un­til I fixed the leak.

The short length also made it a lit­tle tricky when a soft­ened or de­flated tire de­flected when try­ing to in­sert the plug. And large holes at the bead, though rare, were dif­fi­cult to fix with an over­sized Me­gaplug. Two or three of Dy­naplug’s stan­dard plugs worked bet­ter for big holes in tight cor­ners, but again, the short ap­pli­ca­tor made it slightly tricky to get deep enough. Along the tire bead, Gen­uine In­no­va­tions had the ad­van­tage.

But above all, patch­ing with a Dy­naplug is quick. Ev­ery plug in the Me­gapill comes pre-loaded in its own ap­pli­ca­tor, ready to be screwed into the han­dle and plugged in, so it’s al­ways ready to go again. If you ex­haust the sup­ply of pre-loaded ap­pli­ca­tors, they are re­fill­able. But like the Black­burn, you’ll need to clean them out oc­ca­sion­ally. Un­like the Black­burn, you can just buy more ap­pli­ca­tors and stash them in your pack to be threaded in and used later.

Speak­ing of buy­ing, the Me­gapill is triple the price of the other plugs I tested. And re­fills are four times the price. But for a U.S.-made prod­uct of this qual­ity, those num­bers are about right. And just imag­ine how pricy it would be if Apple made it.

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