Brooklyn-based Pakistani composer Aftab has been earning acclaim for her soulful, jazz-influenced songs since 2015, when she independen­tly released her debut album, Bird Under Water. Since then, she has signed with New Amsterdam Records, which released her third and most accomplish­ed album to date, Vulture Prince, in April. Dedicated to the memory of her younger brother, Maher, Aftab’s latest project uses minimalism in its messaging of grief and acceptance, particular­ly on haunting, seven-minute centerpiec­e “Mohabbat.” In addition to the best new artist nod, “Mohabbat” — originally written by Hafeez Hoshiarpur­i and turned into a gorgeous, finger-plucked meditation by Aftab — is nominated for best global music performanc­e. Aftab spent much of the past year touring the globe and has scheduled a handful of 2022 shows.

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