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Attract more cold-weather warriors with this top-notch reader advice.


Best winter feeding tips

For winter feeding, I buy a 50-pound bag of chicken scratch feed and a 25-pound bag of black sunflower seed from the local co-op. I mix them together in a large container with a tight lid. It creates a quality mix for less than $25! Tom Baldwin HATFIELD, ARKANSAS

Leave seed-bearing flowers in the garden instead of cutting them back in fall. Judy Roberts GRAYTOWN, OHIO

Serve sunflower and thistle seeds and highenergy suet cakes. Rodney Blackwell FOREST CITY, ILLINOIS

Hang feeders in a place you can easily access. It’s so easy to refill them often when you don’t have to walk through snow or ice. Joann Sklarsky JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVAN­IA

Hummingbir­ds visit year-round, so when the temps are below freezing I hang a cluster of Christmas tree lights under my feeders. It provides enough heat to keep them from freezing. Sharon Mayhew VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON

I fill an old birdbath with seed. It attracts a lot of ground-feeding birds that typically stay away from feeders. Plus it keeps the sparrows from hogging your feeder. Liza Peniston AUGUSTA, KANSAS

 ??  ?? Red-headed woodpecker­s
Red-headed woodpecker­s
 ??  ?? Anna’s hummingbir­d
Anna’s hummingbir­d

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