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Every winter I grow herbs in an east-facing bay window. I start rosemary, oregano, basil and cilantro outside at the end of summer, then transplant and bring them in the house, but they never survive. What’s the best way to grow herbs indoors?


Melinda: Monitor the growing conditions in your window. Light is usually a limiting factor when growing herbs indoors during the winter, especially in northern locations. Make sure nearby trees, neighborin­g houses or other structures are not limiting the sunlight reaching the plants. Add artificial lights to solve this problem. Next, monitor the day and night temperatur­e in this area. The thickness of the window glass in your current growing space may be causing temperatur­e fluctuatio­ns. Look for another space that is free of drafts with more suitable day and night temperatur­es. And last, consider purchasing plants from a greenhouse or starting them from seeds indoors. The transition indoors may be putting too much stress on your plants.

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