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A large flock of vultures roosted in my cottonwood trees last winter. The ground was solid white and the smell was not pleasant. Is roosting a seasonal event? If not, can I encourage them to roost elsewhere?

- Ginger Ferguson WEATHERFOR­D, TEXAS

Kenn and Kimberly: After a day of working as nature’s cleanup crew, vultures gather at night in communal roosts. Unfortunat­ely, once they find a good roosting site, they may return year after year. It’s illegal to use lethal methods on vultures, but it may be possible to scare them away. Try disturbing them with loud noises or squirting a water hose when they try to settle in for the evening, and they may seek another site. If they’re not so easily discourage­d, you might hire a profession­al animal-control company, but make sure they have a reputation for operating legally and not harming the birds.

 ??  ?? Turkey vulture
Turkey vulture

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