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Learn about the birds whose familiar songs usher in springtime.



These birds of a feather really do flock together. While they pair off during breeding season, robins move as a large group to search for food in other months. As a result of this behavior hundreds of them might roost in the same place—as many as 250,000 have been spotted at once.


Adult robins begin to pair up in April and their chicks are among the first birds to hatch. On average, they have three to five young in a brood, with up to three broods in a year.


In 1926-27, Wisconsin schoolchil­dren voted to make the American robin the official state bird. Later Michigan and Connecticu­t made the popular flier their symbol, too.


Though abundant when the ground thaws, robins are not necessaril­y the bringers of spring. Many of them are nonmigrato­ry, staying in northern regions for the winter. While there, a robin’s 2,900 feathers shield it from the elements.


These cheery red-breasted birds snag plenty of worms. A young robin might scarf down up to 14 feet of worms in a single day. To lure robins to your yard, put out mealworms or dried fruit.


Robins are found in 49 U.S. states—the exception being Hawaii. Some breed in the northern reaches of Alaska, and some winter in Florida or along the U.s.mexico border.

 ??  ?? Both male and female robins feed their young.
Both male and female robins feed their young.
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