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for the sole purpose of seeing birds. Other times it’s for pleasure with my husband or friends. But no matter where I am or what I’m doing, my eyes inevitably drift toward the sky looking for a fine-feathered friend that is new to me.

Two years ago while flats fishing off the coast of the Florida Keys, Captain Tim was driving the boat, my husband was reeling in a tarpon and I was gazing up at magnificen­t frigatebir­ds overhead. We all laughed at how I was more interested in what was in the sky than what was in the water. And although the focus of that vacation wasn’t birding, I remember the frigatebir­ds, white ibises and flocks of friendly brown pelicans just as much as everything else. Key West is one of my favorite vacation spots—learn more about it in “On Island Time” on page 58.

If you prefer to stay local, read all about patch birding in “The Perfect Patch” on page 56. Patch birding is finding one spot close to home and visiting it on a regular basis, as often as once a week. It’s possible that many of you already have a patch. The term was new to me, but I love how the concept makes local birding even more personal. It’s also the best way to practice ID skills and learn bird songs.

Whether you’re at your favorite locale or on vacation this spring migration season, remember to keep your eyes up!

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