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We’re of taking all probably your annual staying vacation, closer you’re to home giving this the summer. garden Maybe extra attention, instead spending more time in your local parks, or watching birds and butterflie­s.

As you indulge in more of your favorite outdoor activities, keep our

Backyard Photo Contest in mind. We’re kicking it off in this issue with three categories: birds, butterflie­s and blooms. Find all the details on page 46. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your photograph­y skills or to take up the hobby.

For a little inspiratio­n, spend some time with the

“Fluttering Through Summer” story on page 38. All of the butterfly photos featured were submitted to previous photo contests by readers like you.

To ensure you’ll get the opportunit­y to capture a winning butterfly photo, use the advice in “Master Milkweed” on page 34 to lure monarchs to your landscape.

And in other news, I’m super excited to tell you that we recently refreshed our website. Go to birdsandbl­ to see what’s new! It’s easier than ever to find our collection­s of Top 10 plant picks, products we love, and advice for feeding and attracting birds. I hope the stories there will inspire you to have the best nature-filled, staycation-style summer.

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