Birds & Blooms


- Anna Morrison

playing hide-and-seek among hosta flowers made for an interestin­g morning of photograph­y. I had to use the fastest setting on my Canon EOS 70D to snap this one.

One of my favorite North American wood warblers is the ovenbird. Its distinct song and appearance, as well as its characteri­stic confident walk, are all captivatin­g. This ovenbird happened to stop by my water feature just long enough to take a bath.

Male ovenbirds love to sing—and they’ll do it during the hottest part of the day, setting themselves apart from many other songbirds.

During a trip to Lake Thunderbir­d State

Park here in Oklahoma,

I got to see this beautiful snowy egret land on the water along the shoreline.

Sing, even if you’re the only one! I captured

this photo of royal terns on Jekyll Island off the

Georgia coast. The island is a birder’s paradise.

This photo was taken while we were on a hike in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Our family observed this great blue heron catching fish

in the creek.

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