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Six newer pumpkin varieties to try.



This compact plant, perfect for small gardens or containers, produces five to six small bright orange pumpkins covered with large bumps.


These large flattened blue-gray pumpkins are both decorative and delicious. Use the roasted creamy flesh in favorite fall recipes.


The vine yields a heavy crop of green and silvery white striped fruits. The 5-to-8-pound pumpkins are packed with large seeds for roasting.


Compact pumpkins with ghostly white skin and a round shape grow on a bush-type plant ideal for small spaces.


The smooth white pumpkins are deer resistant and just the right size for small jack-o’-lanterns.


Golden yellow skin adds a new hue to autumn decor.

 ??  ?? Toad pumpkin
Toad pumpkin
 ??  ?? Blue Prince pumpkin
Blue Prince pumpkin
 ??  ?? Silver Edged pumpkin
Silver Edged pumpkin
 ??  ?? Blanco pumpkin
Blanco pumpkin
 ??  ?? Lemonade pumpkin
Lemonade pumpkin
 ??  ?? Shiver pumpkin
Shiver pumpkin

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