A flock of robins stayed with us last win­ter and ate all the berries grow­ing in our area. How can we at­tract them to feed­ers?

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Robins aren’t typ­i­cal feeder guests, but there are some things you can try. It’s best to place an open tray feeder near one of the berry-pro­duc­ing trees fre­quented by the robins and stock it with raisins, grapes, ap­ple slices or other fruit. You can also of­fer meal­worms or suet. But it’s nor­mal for flocks of robins to be no­madic in win­ter, wan­der­ing long dis­tances and stop­ping when they find a nat­u­ral food source. Once they’ve de­pleted the lo­cal berry sup­ply, most likely they’ll be off in search of the next berry crop in­stead of stick­ing around at feed­ers.

Kenn and Kimberly:

De­spite be­ing known as the har­bin­gers of spring, robins are present year-round in most of the U.S. Be­cause they go where the nat­u­ral food sources are, you might not even know they’re around in win­ter.

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