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Best win­ter feed­ing tips

For win­ter feed­ing, I buy a 50-pound bag of chicken scratch feed and a 25-pound bag of black sun­flower seed from the lo­cal co-op. I mix them to­gether in a large con­tainer with a tight lid. It cre­ates a qual­ity mix for less than $25! Tom Bald­win HAT­FIELD, AR­KAN­SAS

Leave seed-bear­ing flow­ers in the gar­den in­stead of cut­ting them back in fall. Judy Roberts GRAYTOWN, OHIO

Serve sun­flower and this­tle seeds and high­en­ergy suet cakes. Rod­ney Black­well FOR­EST CITY, ILLI­NOIS

Hang feed­ers in a place you can eas­ily ac­cess. It’s so easy to re­fill them of­ten when you don’t have to walk through snow or ice. Joann Sk­larsky JOHNSTOWN, PENN­SYL­VA­NIA

Hum­ming­birds visit year-round, so when the temps are below freez­ing I hang a clus­ter of Christ­mas tree lights un­der my feed­ers. It pro­vides enough heat to keep them from freez­ing. Sharon May­hew VAN­COU­VER, WASH­ING­TON

I fill an old bird­bath with seed. It at­tracts a lot of ground-feed­ing birds that typ­i­cally stay away from feed­ers. Plus it keeps the spar­rows from hog­ging your feeder. Liza Penis­ton AUGUSTA, KANSAS

Red-headed wood­peck­ers

Anna’s hum­ming­bird

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