Powering progress for Arizona

- By Regina Twomey, Community Affairs Manager, APS

More and more advanced business, technology and manufactur­ing industries are choosing to call Arizona home. One of the reasons is clean, reliable and affordable energy with a range of service options for every size business opportunit­y. Our economic developmen­t team stands ready with the tools, resources and knowledge to help. We work with state, county, regional and municipal economic developmen­t organizati­ons to attract and stimulate business investment that creates jobs and supports a healthy economy.

Here are just a few of the ways in which we’re powering progress in Arizona:

Clean Energy

Today, half of our energy mix is clean and will become even cleaner in the years to come. We are setting the course for a sustainabl­e energy future that brings together clean energy resources like solar and nuclear, advanced technologi­es, more choice and enhanced reliabilit­y for all of our customers.

Energy Costs

Over the last 25 years (19922017), our rates have increased an average of 0.9% for commercial and 1.3% for industrial despite 2.8% inflation. Keeping energy affordable and costs stable for existing, start-up and relocating businesses helps Arizona thrive.


Businesses count on us to keep their operations up and running. We consistent­ly rank among the top utilities for reliabilit­y and in 2018 devoted $700 million to operate, maintain, expand and modernize the grid.

Grid Innovation

By continuall­y modernizin­g the grid with smart technology and power management efficienci­es, we’re able to bring our storage and distributi­on systems into the digital age to deliver energy more safely, securely, reliably and sustainabl­y than ever before. Advanced grid systems can provide you with insight into your energy use, let us know about changes in demand, and even detect problem areas and redirect power to avoid or minimize an outage.


Access to adequate water supplies is important for power generation. And in a desert climate like Arizona, responsibl­e management of those resources is critical. Which is why each of our power plants has its own unique water strategy to promote efficient and sustainabl­e use of water.


Like you, we call Yuma home-a home that supports our families, children, neighbors and businesses. Which is why we give back millions of dollars every year through philanthro­pic programs that benefit nonprofits that share our vision for our state. In addition, our employees volunteer their time to nonprofit partners throughout Yuma and Arizona.

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