On Putting Our Lead­ers in a Cage

BLACK BELT: In a re­cent episode of The Joe Ro­gan Ex­pe­ri­ence pod­cast, he and guest Bill Burr joked about what the world would be like if war was out­lawed and pres­i­dents and prime min­is­ters faced each other in an MMA cage to set­tle dis­putes. Their con­sen­sus

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Daniel Duerk­sen: If rulers had to face each other MMA style, the po­lit­i­cal land­scape would change dras­ti­cally. Rulers would have to prove them­selves be­fore be­ing elected. Or in coun­tries that don’t hold elec­tions, rulers would have to fight their way into power. Putin might be an ac­com­plished mar­tial artist, but how long be­fore a big SOB fighter takes him out? Ge­orges St-Pierre would be prime min­is­ter of Canada. And there’d be a re­volv­ing door of pres­i­dents fight­ing in the U.S. It would at least be very en­ter­tain­ing. Ja­cob Bjørnø Klün­der: When the cur­rent Dan­ish crown prince be­comes king, he is tech­ni­cally the head of state for Den­mark. The guy is a Dan­ish spe­cial forces op­er­a­tive who’s done a tour with the Sir­ius Pa­trol, so he’s prob­a­bly gonna be a con­tender. Tim Hy­att: The king of Jor­dan was a spe­cial forces op­er­a­tive, trained in the U.S. with the Rangers, Delta Force, etc. He was head of Jor­da­nian Spec Ops be­fore he was un­ex­pect­edly given the crown — and, by all ac­counts, is a pretty de­cent guy with a ten­dency to walk incog­nito through the cities of Jor­dan and help ran­dom peo­ple.

Mark Krawec: [ Justin] Trudeau is 20 years younger [than Putin], has his own black belt in judo and has more box­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Of course, I don’t know how punch proven he is. Ivo Ivanov: Boyko Borisov, the prime min­is­ter of Bul­garia, is a for­mer se­cu­rity guard and karate in­struc­tor.

Justin Delaney: I think the only mod­ern U.S. pres­i­dent who could ac­tu­ally han­dle him­self in a fight would be Teddy Roo­sevelt.

Teddy Roo­sevelt

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