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BLACK BELT: I feel queasy just watching this! It’s titled “A lovely girl kicking concrete walls and hard trees to condition her shin.”


Sean Havens:

I know it works. We used bamboo stalks, but jeez, I do get queasy at the thought of it. Been years since, and my shins are still haggard and nasty looking.

Steve Everheart:

Do not kick hard objects with a lot of force at the start. Gradually work different parts of the body that would strike an opponent. Do not hurt yourself.

Eric Carr:

In my opinion, this practice is archaic and dangerous. I know most are impressed by it, but I have different measures of strength and skill.

Marco Zacharia:

Easy way to shorten your martial arts career [with] stress fractures. Also, only works at one distance/measure. If the kick misses, recovery is almost impossible.


Utter nonsense. Wish I had never been duped into doing “shin conditioni­ng” back in my fight days, although it’s nice being able to predict the weather with the varying amounts of pain now.

Chris McLean:

We are getting to see the finishing touches of years of dedication to conditioni­ng. Many levels and much more objects involved in her developmen­t, including herbal treatments.

Justin McNeal:

You have to be very careful with this. Otherwise, you can develop an unnoticed fracture that finally gives at the least opportune moment.

Steve Tonkin:

She will destroy her legs and feet. Take it from me, I have arthritis in both feet due to poor training techniques. Stop, please!

Yousif Atta:

She be watching too much Kickboxer with JCVD.

John Chalos:

Life hack — chopping off one arm at the elbow and sharpening it makes it easier to stab. No worries from TSA.

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