Black Belt

On a Photo We Sent Out to 50,000 People

BLACK BELT: Whenever Chuck Norris and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace get together, the staff of the mag knows it’s going to be tough to get a serious photo.


Jon Tatum: One of the greatest photos EVER. Park Young Nam: The pic has me wondering who started it. I thought Mr. Norris was a serious person, but he is doing the rabbit-ears thing behind Mr. Wallace. But Superfoot’s mischievou­s smile makes me think he instigated, turning the technique into a square dance. Or not. Still hilarious! lol James A White: Only Chuck Norris could get away with giving Bill Wallace bunny ears. Tony Martin: Which would be worse? A side kick from Chuck or a hook kick from Bill? lol Reinaldo Vargas Sr: Two very special gentlemen. Ossu!

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