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BLACK BELT: Is it pos­si­ble to stop a down­ward sword strike by trap­ping the blade be­tween your palms? In an in­ter­view, Masayuki Shimabukuro and Carl E. Long an­swered: “This is highly im­plau­si­ble and def­i­nitely not rec­om­mended.”

Scott Nolan: Back in the 1980s, we ac­tu­ally prac­ticed that very tech­nique in taek­wondo class. I re­mem­ber our mas­ter say­ing, when asked about the ef­fec­tive­ness, “It’s bet­ter to lose your hand or arm than to lose your life.”

Thomas M. O’Brien: Yes, my friend “Lefty” tried that one time.

Sarah Callahan: I don’t think any­one ever be­lieved that, but for some rea­son, peo­ple who make movies like it and they think we will be­lieve it when they put it on the screen. Too bad they don’t read Black Belt.

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