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Who’s your fa­vorite MMA fighter? Georges St-Pierre. He’s such an in­tel­li­gent fighter and so skilled. Who’s your fa­vorite mar­tial arts ac­tor, liv­ing or dead? That’s tough. I’d say -ackie Chan for the rea­sons I al­ready men­tioned. What’s your fa­vorite mar­tial arts movie — that you’re not in? (laughs) An­other tough ques­tion! So many come to mind. I’ll go back to when I was a kid and give you my top three: Rum­ble in the Bronx, the orig­i­nal Kick­boxer and En­ter the Dragon. What’s your fa­vorite mar­tial arts move for self- de­fense? To stop some­thing be­fore it starts? Bit­ing. (laughs) I’d say the front kick be­cause it’s quick and pow­er­ful and you don’t see it com­ing. And you can hit dif­fer­ent tar­gets with it. And it comes out with­out even think­ing about it. What’s your fa­vorite form of cross-train­ing? Func­tional cir­cuit train­ing. I also like swim­ming be­cause it makes you more ef­fi­cient with oxy­gen us­age. What’s your fa­vorite mar­tial art to prac­tice? B--. It’s ac­tu­ally hard to pick. I said B--, but I do kick­box­ing all the time. (laughs) One thing that’s ap­peal­ing about B-- is you can roll hard and not get hurt as long as you do it with the right per­son. You can go all- out and not leave with a black eye. In con­trast, with kick­box­ing, if you spar, some­body’s go­ing to get hit. What’s your fa­vorite mar­tial arts mag­a­zine? Black Belt mag­a­zine, my friend!

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