Black Belt - - SCREEN SHOTS -

Hand strikes: one point Kicks: two points Take­downs: two points

Ground con­trol: three points “For ground con­trol, you have to hold a ground po­si­tion like the mount, side mount or knee to belly for five sec­onds,” Willie John­son said. “You can do tran­si­tional moves, but we don’t al­low you to hold the guard be­cause that’s like stalling. And we don’t al­low you to take the back. You can tran­si­tion from the back or from the guard to some­thing else, but if it’s seen as stalling, you get a warn­ing. Af­ter two warn­ings, the other per­son is awarded a point.” Sub­mis­sions: not al­lowed Strik­ing on the ground: not al­lowed

Bad sports­man­ship: not al­lowed “You see it in point fight­ing and other sport­ing events,” John­son said. “Par­ents are like, ‘ Kill him!’ We don’t al­low that in point MMA. My wife will go off if peo­ple do any­thing to cre­ate bad en­ergy around any child at a tour­na­ment.”

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