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BLACK BELT: A 27-year-old man is ac­cused of at­tack­ing his 60-yearold room­mate with a hatchet. To ev­ery­one who dis­misses the tra­di­tional weapon de­fenses taught in the mar­tial arts be­cause “No­body uses one of THOSE on the street any­more,” I say ... re­mem­ber what a lit­tle al­co­hol can do.

Gene H. Gause: An over­looked point is that tra­di­tional weapons train mus­cles, joints and lig­a­ments in ways that are then trans­lated into open-hand strength. It’s kind of like mar­tial arts gym equip­ment. Without the weapons, these body parts wouldn’t be de­vel­oped in the same way. Also, we may not carry swords, but sticks are read­ily avail­able, so the tech­niques may be used to break bones or dis­able body parts. It’s im­por­tant in our pur­suit of knowl­edge to LOOK PAST sim­ple def­i­ni­tions and re­al­ize the deep and of­ten dis­guised mean­ings. Tony King: This post got me go­ing to YouTube look­ing up “de­fense against a hatchet” … Sean Quinones: I guess he couldn’t bury it.

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