Do the Right Thing in an Ac­tiveShooter Sce­nario

Un­for­tu­nately, ac­tive- shooter in­ci­dents have be­come not only a fre­quent story on the nightly news but also a threat to peo­ple of all ages in vir­tu­ally all lo­ca­tions. These hor­ri­ble events can and do oc­cur at any time, so it’s im­por­tant to have an over­arc


IIf you’re read­ing this ar­ti­cle, it can be as­sumed that you’re ei­ther a mar­tial arts in­struc­tor like me or a prac­ti­tioner. (If you’re not al­ready a mar­tial artist, I highly sug­gest you join a pro­gram — there’s noth­ing more em­pow­er­ing!)

Through your mar­tial arts train­ing, you have the abil­ity to de­fend your­self, which means you al­ready have a last-re­sort plan of ac­tion should you find your­self con­fronted by an ac­tive shooter. How­ever, it’s very un­likely that you will ever face such a crim­i­nal in a fair fight be­cause an ac­tive shooter, by def­i­ni­tion, has the ad­van­tage of pos­sess­ing a firearm — and he’s al­ready us­ing it. That’s pre­cisely why my team and I de­vel­oped an ac­tiveshooter train­ing course that teaches stu­dents to place their fo­cus on be­ing aware and de­vis­ing an exit strat­egy, as well as rec­og­niz­ing threats be­fore they man­i­fest.

I started teach­ing ac­tive-shooter tac­tics be­cause of my back­ground in law en­force­ment and mar­tial arts. Ad­di­tion­ally, our school is a cer­ti­fied

krav maga cen­ter that teaches all kinds of weapon dis­arms, so de­vel­op­ing the course was a nat­u­ral fit.

The pro­gram has gar­nered a lot of press be­cause when­ever a tragedy oc­curs, mar­tial arts school own­ers scram­ble to find a course that will help them help their stu­dents. For sev­eral years, I’ve con­ducted this train­ing around the coun­try, as well as on­line. Here, I will present it to yet another au­di­ence that may be in need of a plan for an ac­tive-shooter sce­nario. HOW TO RE­SPOND: The No. 1 op­tion is to run. If you find your­self in a situ-

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