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Mar­tial artists who are wor­ried about break­ing bones in their hands of­ten opt for palm strikes in­stead of fist tech­niques. Are they as ef­fec­tive? JAMES BEN­NETT:

lf course! You can throw a palm-heel strike and smash a per­son in the faceI then rip his eyes out or hit him in the nose. te kenpo guys do it all the time. The jaw is a won­der­ful tar­get for a palm, es­pe­cially when it’s used with a hook. Any­thing done with the heel of the hand can put some­one to sleep: the hinge of the jaw, the tem­ple, the chin. I don’t see a palm strike to the face putting any­body to sleep, but it def­i­nitely would do some dam­age.

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