Black Belt : 2020-05-19



4 2 1 3 is The hand motion of “roll the dice” similar to pedaling a bike with your arms. When your opponent reaches the out to strike or grab, you cycle so by leading edge of the circle formed \RXU PRYLQJ ÀVWV JRHV GRZQZDUG LQWR 7KDW EULQJV \RXU ÀVWV RU IRUHDUPV hard contact with his limb, Professor by Mo says. “You break down the arm hitting him near his wrist and farther with up the arm. Then you hit his face RQH RU PRUH EDFNÀVWV “You can also cycle up at the end. KLWV ,Q WKDW FDVH \RXU ÀUVW RQH RU WZR you will knock his arm down, and then up would reverse the cycle and come to strike him under the chin.” When you roll the dice, he warns, RU \RX GRQ·W ORZHU \RXU DUPV WRR PXFK ZRQ·W EH DEOH WR XVH WKHP GHIHQVLYHO\ should the need arise. 44 BLACKBELTM­AG.COM JUNE/JULY 2020 §

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