Black Belt : 2020-05-19



2 1 4 3 “This defensive move works because of its two parts,” Professor Mo says. try to “When your opponent jabs, you GHVWUR\ KLV ÀVW E\ KLWWLQJ LW ZLWK \RXU elbow. At the same time, your open FURVVERQHV· KDQG ³ WKH VNXOO RI WKH ¶VNXOO DQG ³ LV WKHUH WR FDWFK WKH SXQFK DUP ,QVWHDG RI MXVW EORFNLQJ ZLWK WKH LV WKH VNXOO FDWFKHV WKH ÀVW %ORFNLQJ ZKDW %ORFNV LV DOO DERXW μ can Once the punch is stopped, you scoot redirect the arm to the side, then to the rear of the opponent and choke is a him, he says. “Remember that this :H FORVH FRQWDFW VWUHHW ÀJKWLQJ VW\OH XS GR D ORW RI FKRNHV ZKLOH VWDQGLQJ ´2QH IRRWQRWH

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