Black Belt : 2020-05-19



2 1 If the attacker opens with a wild punch, you “raise the gate” by placing your arms in front of your head with your forearms held vertical, Professor Mo says. This action forms a hard barrier the opponent must pass if he is to strike you. A recommende­d follow-up is to immediatel­y execute a cross and a spinning elbow. Once again, the sequence takes advantage of continuous core rotation, this time in a clockwise direction. “Remember that when you raise the gate, you should think as though \RX·UH DWWDFNLQJ KLV DUP ZLWK \RXU elbows or forearms,” Professor Mo adds. “Also, the turn you do for the spinning elbow puts you in a position to see anyone who might be behind you.” 5 3 4 49 JUNE/JULY 2020 BLACKBELTM­AG.COM §

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