Black Belt : 2020-05-19



BLACKBELTM­AG.COM JUNE/JULY 2020 § 74 For those instructor­s whose schools are temporaril­y closed — which is likely most of you — 10thdegree black-belt Floyd Burk offers the following teaching tips: • Talk to your online students like they are right there with you. Try to make them laugh so they enjoy your virtual classes. • Think about the space in which they might be training. Remind them to be careful of siblings, pets, lamps and so on. • Be creative in helping RQOLQH VWXGHQWV ÀQG WUDLQLQJ props like pillows to use as kicking pads, pool noodles to use as bokken and so on. • Know that kata practice is perfect for training during the quarantine because WKHUH·V QR QHHG IRU D partner. Have your online students drill their kata at least twice a week. Mix it up. In one class, have them go through all their kata multiple times. In the next class, break down one or two sections of a kata. They will enjoy hearing you H[SODLQ WKH ÀQHU SRLQWV RI the moves. ĵ 'RQ·W MXVW ZLQJ LW 7DNH time to make a lesson plan and then run through your online class with a timer. Include a bit of supplement­al content in case you stampede through the material — which can happen when VWXGHQWV DUHQ·W WKHUH LQ person — and you need to ÀOO RXW WKH DOORWWHG WLPH 7KLV urge to hurry can be exacerbate­d by the adrenaline rush that often accompanie­s teaching live on Facebook, Zoom or whatever. ĵ 0DNH VXUH WKHUH·V D ZD\ for online students to ask questions, make comments and generally feel like WKH\·UH SDUW RI WKH FODVV • When social distancing is eased, consider weapons training. Long weapons like the naginata, bo and katana are great for noncontact partner practice. • Pay attention to how your assistants communicat­e to your students while your school is closed. Encourage them to avoid sounding hopeless. • Finally, send an email to all your students, explaining that your GRMR·V solvency depends on them continuing to pay their tuition even LI WKH\ GRQ·W DWWHQG FODVV SK\VLFDOO\ 7HOO WKHP \RX·UH counting on them supporting the school through this national crisis. TEACHING WITHOUT CONTACT

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