Black Belt : 2020-05-19



Black Belt th was (Note: Back issues are not for sale.) 82 BLACKBELTM­AG.COM JUNE/JULY 2020 § • “To the ninja, deception is but one more weapon and is only a part of the greatest weapon of all — the mind.” So says Stephen K. Hayes, ninjutsu master. • “By presenting falsehood as truth, the ninja gets his adversary to think in one way, then approaches him from another,” Hayes FRQWLQXHV ´,I ZH DUH LQ D FORVH LQ ÀJKWLQJ VLWXDWLRQ ZH PD\ JUDE our assailant and pull him forward if our true intention is to knock him backward.” • In Sumatra, Indonesia, two silat practition­ers, one 58 and the other 62, are attacked by a tiger. The men manage to kill the cat but later die from injuries sustained. Recall the Chinese proverb: ´:KHQ WZR WLJHUV ÀJKW RQH ZLOO GLH EXW WKH RWKHU ZLOO EH FULSSOHG μ Or die, as well. • The editor of the mag separated the responses to the most recent reader survey into two categories: subjects most often requested and subjects most often attacked. Among the hapless victims are stories about kata, women, children and ki energy. • Giving Bill “Superfoot” Wallace a run for his money as the frontman in ads from Century Martial Arts is karate champ John Longstreet. • Shotokan practition­er James Field weighs in on sparring: “The right attitude, the right mind, is to concentrat­e on doing the correct technique — perfect technique, although reaching that LV YHU\ GLIÀFXOW « ,I \RX GRQ·W KDYH WKH XQGHUVWDQG­LQJ RI ZKDW D technique is all about, free sparring is hard to come by.” Hayes on the cover. • A Marine who used to be a ballet dancer opines on the martial DUWV ´,·YH IRXQG WKDW EDOOHW FDQ EH MXVW DV SK\VLFDOO\ GHPDQGLQJ DV NDUDWH ³ VRPHWKLQJ PRVW SHRSOH GRQ·W UHDOL]H 7KDW LOOXVLRQ RI ease and lightness in dancing is a direct result of incredible hard work, painful practice and a lot of sweat.” • Robert Trias holds a training op in Phoenix and attracts 66 karateka. • “When you go to a traditiona­l school, you adapt your body to WKHLU VW\OH 7KH\·UH WU\LQJ WR SUHVHUYH VRPHWKLQJ WKDW KDV EHHQ handed down for generation­s, so you have to adapt your body. $QG LI \RXU ERG\ FDQ DGDSW WR LW \RX EHFRPH D NLOOHU « %XW QRW HYHU\RQH FDQ 7KDW·V ZK\ ZKHQ , WHDFK , ORRN DW WKH VWXGHQW throw punches and kicks, and I try to make his own style. If he HQGV XS ORRNLQJ OLNH PH LW·V E\ FRLQFLGHQF­H μ 7KRVH ZRUGV FRPH from self-defense guru Tony Blauer. • The Summer Karate Martial Arts Tour leaves Los Angeles. The 25-day itinerary will include Seoul, South Korea; Taipei, Tainan and Taichung, Taiwan; Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Japan; and Honolulu. • An enlightene­d reader from South Carolina writes: “The martial arts should be viewed as a whole, with each style representi­ng WKH LQGLYLGXDO SLHFHV RI D SX]]OH /LNH OHDYHV RQ D WUHH DOO MRLQHG to the same roots, so are the martial arts linked. How can martial DUWLVWV FODLP WKHLU VW\OHV DUH VR PXFK EHWWHU WKDQ DQRWKHU·V ZKHQ every one of the styles is essential to the arts as a whole?” the issue of

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