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From cast­ing for bass in the back­wa­ters to run­ning off­shore to troll for mar­lin, one of these 21 fish­ing­boat mod­els will help you achieve tight lines.

AA star­tling bend in the rod cou­pled with a reel han­dle that can’t be turned, fol­lowed by the whirring song of a fish peel­ing off line against the drag com­prises the quin­tes­sen­tial essence of fish­ing. Add in inky-smooth wa­ter as you hurry into the ris­ing sun to­ward a new day’s an­gling ad­ven­ture aboard the boat of your choice and the dream is com­plete — and the right boat can make it hap­pen. To help you get there, we’ve brought a fleet of fish­ing boats to your at­ten­tion in this year’s Boat Buy­ers Guide. On these pages, you’ll dis­cover boats made from alu­minum or fiber­glass and mod­els in­tended for salt or fresh wa­ter. Fish on!

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