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WE SAY The Axopar 24 is lean, low and rak­ish with a dis­tinctly sharp-edged mil­i­tary look. The de­signer clearly drew with Trans­former movies in mind, from the plumb stem to the mul­ti­ple strakes and twin steps un­der­wa­ter. The Axopar 24 TT (T-top) has the shape of a lawn dart: pointy at the front, wide at the back, and just over 8 feet of beam for its 24-foot length over­all.

The 24 TT is all about seat­ing: three seats aft with high back­rests like amuse­ment park rides, helm and com­pan­ion sin­gles, and wrap­around bowrider seat­ing. Be­tween the bow and helm un­der the wind­screen is a pair of bench-style seats that dou­ble as berths if you’re plan­ning to camp un­der the stars. A head is op­tional, but it’s parked dead cen­ter with no pri­vacy; turn up the stereo and look away when some­one needs it. Must be a Fin­nish thing.

Run­ning? Sim­ply put, this is a great sea boat. All those strakes keep it on track, its hull soft­ened lumpy swells, and that plumb bow diced water and threw it aside. With a cou­ple of big seas at full throt­tle, I thought uh-oh, but noth­ing hap­pened — it was smooth.

The power choices are lim­ited: The Axopar is only avail­able with a sin­gle Mer­cury Ver­ado 200 out­board (no op­tions), an engine that helped us top out at just un­der 45 mph, a re­spectable speed. The boat looks like it could han­dle twins, but don’t even think about bolt­ing twins on a big tran­som bracket and shout­ing


WHO’D WANT ONE Boaters seek­ing fun, func­tion and unique style.

ANOTHER CHOICE This is dif­fi­cult be­cause there’s noth­ing like the Axopar that we’ve seen, ex­cept pos­si­bly more­ex­pen­sive boats de­signed as yacht ten­ders.

BOT­TOM LINE $70,000; ax­opar­

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