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Clar­ion’s CMS4 black-box source unit has a foot­print of 7.5 by 9.75 inches. We used the four sup­plied self-tap­ping screws and wash­ers to se­cure the mod­ule to a bulk­head on the in­side of the helm con­sole to keep it dry. Check be­hind the mount­ing sur­face be­fore drilling. Us­ing the pig­tail wires on the fe­male por­tion of the Molexstyle plug, con­nect the fused yel­low wire to a 12-volt DC pos­i­tive power source. Con­nect the black wire to ground. Also, now is the time to in­stall a marine AM/ FM an­tenna (not in­cluded) and plug it into the source unit.

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