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There’s plenty of aids spe­cially made to get your kids up and wa­ter ski­ing. to man­age than a pair of wa­ter skis, can help first-timers get up and ski­ing sooner.

Older, more ath­letic chil­dren may pick up ski­ing faster. While you don’t need a high-end slalom ski, you might want to be pre­pared to switch a quickly ad­vanc­ing stu­dent to a set of combo skis like Con­nelly’s Quan­tum ($160).

Ski ropes em­body more shock-ab­sorb­ing stretch than wake­board ropes. Buy a float­ing ski rope 75 feet in length. A shorter rope places the skier in the rougher wa­ter closer to the boat rather than the smoother wa­ter far­ther back in the wake. Train­ing ropes, like the O’Brien Combo Train­ing Rope ($45), in­cor­po­rate loops near the han­dle that aid skiers learn­ing to get up.


Buy your chil­dren prop­erly sized, prop­erly fit­ting ski vests. Fas­ten the life jacket on your child, then try to gen­tly pull it off over the child’s head. The vest should not come up over the head when do­ing so. A com­fort­ably snug vest pro­vides the stu­dent with added con­fi­dence.

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