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We used this af­ter the de­tail­ing prod­ucts proved too mild to tackle dirt and grease. Its aroma re­minded us of Sim­ple Green or 409, and its ef­fi­cacy re­moved what the de­tail­ers could not. The spray cleaner has no harm­ful chem­i­cals and no pro­tec­tants. It would also be ap­pro­pri­ate to wash a boat af­ter a day on the salt, hos­ing, spray­ing, brush­ing and rins­ing.

This got our vinyl back to its orig­i­nal color, and it wiped off eas­ily with both a T-shirt rag and mi­crofiber towel. It did not re­move the spi­der stains, and it had lit­tle im­pact on our ink stain.

Un­less it’s clearly a haz­mat scene, start with a de­tailer be­cause, like any de­ter­gent, this will re­move any pro­tec­tants you’ve al­ready ap­plied and take the vinyl all the way back to its orig­i­nal form.

Al­ways rinse and dry the vinyl and add a pro­tec­tant af­ter­ward to boost the vinyl’s man­u­fac­tured sur­face.

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